Come join us and actualize your Spirituality and Caring for Others through Sports, Recreation, Music, "A Kind Heart with Helping Hands" and "Common Unity". Using Our Caring and Resources to Help others..

The HRM sponsored 10 young adults to participant in this "Character Builder" the 2010 Tough Mudder Competition.  Please check the Training Video to witness their effort and payoff.

Rec-reation is Re-creation © All rights reserved.

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This is where Recreation and Sports lives and breathes and exists for the soul purpose of transporting us to another place and time where we can experience the thrill of being active, fully alive and coming together with others and having a shared positive experience. 

We are The Humane Renaissance Movement.  Our mantra is " Rec-reation is Re-creation ".  We have witnessed people transcend themselves to become Community through Recreation and Sports.  Recreation and Sports are "character building endeavors" and we want to Build Community- "Common Unity" through Recreation and Sports.

We can achieve this- "When man/woman begins to look at himself/herself as he is,  

then his/her work has finally begun.  When woman at himself/herself and others and sees only Spirit, then his work is done."   - from book Creative Thought  Remedies. 

" Rec-reation is  Re-creation and  Adventure  People