Our Goal-  To co-create Great Humane Beings by connecting people through positive Community Building experiences.  The Humane Renaissance Movement embraces the fact the more people feel connected and have shared positive experiences, the more Humane the World will become.

"Rec-reation is Re-creation" is the Mantra of the HRM and our projects we sponsor.

Our name means;
Humane- marked by compassion, sympathy, or consideration. 
Renaissance-a rebirth, renew and revival of.
Movement- is either the appearance or increased popularity of a specific school of philosophy.

The definition of Rec-reation is," Refreshment of one's mind or body after work through activity that amuses or stimulates" and "refreshment of strength and spirits after work". 

 The definition of Re-creation is, " the act of creating anew".

"Rec-reation is Re-creation" is the Mantra of the HRM.
The definition of a Mantra is, a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that are considered capable of "creating transformation."

Our Mission-  Come join us and actualize your Spirituality and Caring for Others through Sports, Recreation, Music, "A Kind Heart with Helping Hands" and "Common Unity". Using Our Caring and Resources to Help others.

The HRM is simply a group of people, a Community (near and far), Common Unity that “Loves all people and want to do good for all people”. Connecting  People Using Community Building endeavors; Sports, Recreation and Music, “A Kind Heart with Helping Hand” and “ Common Unity” to transform Self and World. Rec-reation is Re-creation is the name of the Sports, Fitness , Exercise, Recreation, Fishing, Music and all other projects to be named that the HRM provides. The HRM wants you to Donate, Participate and Re-create.

The HRM supports Community Blood Drives.

Our outreach is a part of our Community Building Endeavors. Blood donation is a great way to get a health checkup before you start your exercise program.  And you are also saving other people's lives. It is "Altruism" and you become a Hero.


Miki a Future Soccer Star wearing her Rec-reation is Re-creation tee shirt at Soccer practice.

Rec-reation is Re-creation Snowboard Team in action

" Rec-reation  is  Re-creation "  and  Adventure  People

Start slow and build

Just get started doing something more than you did before.  Put one foot in front of the other and GO.  It is important to keep a "Positive Attitude" and "don't beat yourself up" over your progress.

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We say " Rec-reation is Re-creation" just get to Movin and Be A Nu YOU.

About Us

Contact email;  info@thehrm.org

Make a donation for a "Rec-reation is Re-creation " tee shirt.

We are raising funds to do 1 mile Race/Run/Walk in Communities everywhere. Help motivate, inspire and encourage Yourself and Others. Help us Build Community- Common Unity thru Recreation and Sports. We have Mens, Womens and youth tee shirts.

On Your Mark. Get Ready and Go.....

"Rec-reation is Re-creation" just Move.

Kenny Adams-Greatest Boxing Training in the World

Sharif " The Lion" Lightweight Champion of the World

Reyna, HRM Board Member, says- La Recreacion hacer algo como pasatiempo