Grey Men's and Ladies Cotton Tee Shirt $25

White Men's and Ladies Cotton Tee Shirt $25

We have great tee shirts for you to inspire, motivate and encourage Yourself and Others to experience " Rec-reation is Re-creation "  Our tee shirts are a fundraiser to enable us to do more Community Projects.  Please Help with a donation for a tee shirt. Our Cotton tee shirts are for a donation of $25 and our Active Performance tee shirts are for a donation of $50.  You donation is tax deductible in accordance with IRS rules.

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Super High Performance Tee Shirt used for our Group/Team with Sponsors. We can get all colors $50

Beige Men's and Ladies Cotton Tee Shirt  $25

Personalize your Tee Shirt- Advertise- Trainer, Yoga Studio, Sports Club or your passion.

Men's High Performance Tee Shirt $50

Team BKS Wolfpack, the HRM sponsored Tough Mudders Competition Team 2010-  Thanks to Our Sponsors. "Rec-reaion is Re-creation", create a Team/Group and the HRM will get sponsors and help you achieve your Goals and Dreams.  That is What We DO!

Women's High Performance Tee Shirt  $50

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